Super Toddler

Dexter has spent today dressed as Spiderman. I don’t mind this at all, even when we visited the local children’s centre for an arts and crafts session, or even when we visited B&M Bargains as a treat (yep we’re that family). Nope I don’t mind at all that my toddler is expressing himself and showing … Continue reading


Recently the OH shifts have changed at work meaning he’s working most evenings and nearly every weekend. Whilst this was never a problem when it was just Dexter to look after, there is now a colicky baby added to the mix and I’m finding myself wishing the hours would pass quickly instead of just trying … Continue reading

My Top 5 Feeding Must Haves

I am a milking machine. Not as often as I was 6 weeks ago but most definitely more than the average persons snacks, because Blake eats little and often. I think she read somewhere that this is what Victoria Beckham does….. However many babies you BF, it’s still bloody hard (and painful) if you’ve not … Continue reading


So far the maternity leave hasn’t quite gone to plan (early baby, Christmas, chicken pox, tonsillitis) but it’s not stopped me from getting on with planning what I deem important the second time round. 1. Keeping us all happy. And by us all I mean kids first, parents second. And not forgetting the cat. Everyone … Continue reading

Introducing my daughter….

Introducing my daughter….

So after consciously uncoupling from my blog for the past 2 months I’m ready to get my blogging on again. And what better way to come back than with a bit of lovely news…..I have a daughter! Wow. Still feels weird to say (type) out loud. Blake Kauder-Day was born on Friday 12th December at … Continue reading

Asking For Help

Today I had the pleasure of listening to a talk from Denise Welch as part of a Wellness Week initiative my office is running. Today’s focus is being kind to your mind and Denise spoke about her struggles with depression and addictions. I’ve always been aware of Denise’s career from the Byker Grove days to … Continue reading

Ever Changing Body

Ever Changing Body

Ah pregnancy, possibly the most amazing and wonderful time of your life, but sadly this is something most women don’t realise until it’s over. It’s hard to keep up with the many changes of my pregnant body and I’ll be the first one to say I really don’t cope well for 9 months. I’m forever … Continue reading

Mummy, where is your willy?

So I totally blame my friend Tina for putting me in this situation. Tina, or rather her daughter Florence, bought Dexter a lovely book titled “There’s a house inside my mummy”, to help explain my ever expanding waistline and why I spend most days with my head down the loo. The book is beautifully written … Continue reading

Me Time

Last night I visited Champneys Henlow Health Resort for an impromptu Spa evening with 2 friends. Both boys were¬†away in Weston-Super-Mare for a few nights and I thought “why not, the cat can survive without me for the evening!” The evening package is called Unwind and dine and you can arrive at the Spa from … Continue reading