Just a few things I’ve been pondering over….. Why does the baby only call me Mum Mum?  Why do I continually go to bed at a stupid time each night and not 8pm, knowing the baby will be up from 6am,  ready to party?  Why do I insist on calling the toddler a baby, when … Continue reading


Adulting is quite frankly a pain in the arse. The realisation that you just can’t throw a paddy anymore, or sulk in your room for hours on end is like a metaphorical pie in the face. I’ve had to adult a lot this year. Not because I have two tiny terrorists (and a 42-year-old one) … Continue reading

Unsocial media?

Unsocial media?

I’ve not been blogging much of late. My plate is pretty full and my brain is often aching by the evening. I’ve been writing, but just crappy, boring assignments for university. I had to write an assignment on social media last week, and the impact it has on us coversing with one another. I took … Continue reading

The Return

I’ve returned to normal life, as we know it. 4 weeks in and no one has died. There have been many tears but no one has died. Normal life for me now is in the office, once I’ve scattered my kids around Hertfordshire and ignored their pleas for one last hug. The guilt is deep … Continue reading

Baby holiday blues

So tomorrow I return to the dreaded office, where I have to speak in my inside voice, try not to laugh my natural laugh and not be able to wear leggings or ugg boots. It’s been a looooooong time since I was there in an official working capacity, and I’m full of butterflies and uncertainty. … Continue reading

Baby Blake is 1!

52 weeks ago you came into our lives, very quickly and a bit earlier than we were prepared for, but in the most magical way. Clearly a FOMO (fear of missing out-er) in the making, you just didn’t want to let the Christmas celebrations happen without you. Giving birth to you at home really was … Continue reading

Another Christmas List

Another Christmas List

I was dreaming last night. Not about anything kinky, you dirty little bugger, I was dreaming about what I really wanted for Christmas. A WhatsApp group chat prompted these thoughts, after my friend said she’d asked for slippers and a dressing gown for Christmas. She’s a mother of 2. And probably really fucking tired. So I began to … Continue reading

11 month itch

Last week marked my darling Blake turning 11 months old, which in turn marks a month until I have to return to work. I’m so very sad about having to return to work and leaving her. I was hammering down the office door at around 10 months with Dex, safely returning back on payroll by … Continue reading

My Christmas Wish List

I know it’s a little early but I’ve already started on my list. Dear Santa I’ve been an unbelievablely good girl this year. The swearing has reduced dramatically and I’ve managed to keep the family alive and happy for another year. So please could I have… 1. Toilet time. Alone – because well, you know. … Continue reading


Most of my days begin at 6am after being woken several times throughout the night by the baby crying out for a dummy/cuddle/parent or the cat attacking my feet/head/sanity. Still convinced its the middle of the night, I try to persuade her to go back to sleep, which results in her laughing in my face. True story. I then … Continue reading