She’s having a baby!!!

So how pleased (relieved) are we to know that our bits work!! I’m now 25 weeks pregnant and 40 weeks cannot come quick enough. I have so far had the bitch of all pregnancies. Every ailment and problem that pregnant women can experience, yep I’ve had them all! Morning sickness (not morning, try morning, noon and night!), heartburn, acid, aching bones, aching joints, sore nipples, smelly bum (no pregnancy book can prepare you for this one!) and the tears. I would like to add that I’ve not been very hormonal but I can guess that my nearest and dearest would disagree.

So there seems to be babies all around me. I don’t think I’ve ever actively sourced babies but it does seem like a lot of people are up the duff. My bestest friend ever is expecting on the 4th July along with our very lovely Dutch buddies. I am tres excited so spend this time with 2 people I love dearly and thus reducing the amount of baby talk I give when seeing my “normal” friends.

I’ll upload the scan pics as soon as I can.

Laters taters

Mummy over and out x

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