Keeping up appearances

I wouldn’t say I am vain but I do like to make an effort with my appearance. I don’t tend to wear a full face of slap and I often remember being 20 years old and my friends nagging me to wear more make up on a night out, not to cover up the ugliness I’d like to add,  just to glam it up a bit!

I obviously had slight preconceptions as to how I would look once pregnant, and as an avid reader of Heat magazine I was adamant I wouldn’t bog myself down with images of celebrity mums-to-be looking glam and dripping in designer clothes given to them for free. And I certainly wouldn’t start comparing myself to these aliens.

I’ve never been the skinny one of the group, but happy ish with what mother nature gave me. I found the first few months of being preggers a bit hard. People referring to you as fat is never nice, even in jest and I will admit that it upset probably more than I should have let it. But now the bump has pushed through and considering I am still wearing more pre-pregnancy clothes than maternity (and days away from the final trimester) I am beaming that I am finally a lot more bump than arse and hips.

And I will admit it’s taken me to reach my 27th week of pregnancy to actually be happy with how I look. I have had some very flattering comments on how I have that pregnancy “glow”, how being pregnant suits me and how great my boobs look since it became common knowledge but it was a comment this week from a beautiful friend that made me think more about my idea of the perfect pregnancy image. 2 days after she had seen me at a hen do (a night that I was dreading, I mean who wants a preggers girl cramping their style!!) she felt compelled to tell me I looked stunning that night, and I didn’t even ask for the compliment. What a sweetheart.

Every girl wants to feel special, and being pregnant you are treated as special (or rather the bump is) but having it said by someone that really meant it made me start to look at myself in a different way. I know it sounds a bit cliche but I’ve started to look at myself as 30 year old woman on a road to becoming a mum, and hopefully a yummy one at that.

I certainly know that next time (we’ll see how much of a devil child baby K-D is first before this is concrete) I won’t listen to a single negative word said. I’ll take every opportunity to have the boobs spilling out of tops, the bump bouncing proudly under tight clothes and will hold back on the bronzer and let the natural glow come shining through.

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One thought on “Keeping up appearances

  1. You are stunning, pregnancy is beautiful especially when you have the confidence to wear it! I was never afraid to wear tight clothes to show off my big round belly. I even miss that bump at times and get jealous of pregnant ladies! (Clearly I have forgotton how bloody uncomfortable I was!) Can we have some bump pics please?? Xxxxx

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