Great Expectations

My weird baby kicks the most when I’m at work discussing finance issues. Does this mean I am baking a future accountant? I hadn’t deemed it possible that we’d be able to breed an academic but it got me thinking about the personaility baby K-D will have. Will it be all singing, all dancing? Will it like any sport including American ones? Will it be shy and retiring? Will it be laid back? Who knows! 

Someone advised me months ago not to be disappointed if the baby isn’t a mini me, but it hasn’t stopped me and the other half discussing what we’ve dreamt it will be. I have obviously got my heart set on the next Kerry Ellis/Idina Menzel/Kristin Chenoworth, whilst he has his heart set on the next Frank Lampard/Didier Drogba/David Luiz. But in reality I bet he/she will be the next big mover shaker in the finance world. An academic that will excel at school and leave us scratching our heads when it comes to helping with the homework. 

Maybe We should start looking at a whole different spectrum of baby names! 

Thanks for reading, until the next one

Lins x  

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