The final countdown?

So we are 8 weeks away from D-Day. Some people say “only 8 weeks?”, whilst others say “8 weeks is ages!”
Eight weeks (or 56 days as I like to refer to it!) does seem like a lifetime to me. Baby K-D is getting bigger each day and I’m starting to resemble an elephant. I’m feeling heavy and no one is commenting on how well I look anymore they just mention how big I’m looking! So knowing that he/she will be making an appearance soon is my much needed light at the end of the hormonal tunnel.
There is still so much to do. The other half has been helpful but his relaxed personality sometimes doesn’t help. “Stop stressing it’ll get sorted”, he often likes to say. I’m not sure how it will get sorted. Maybe he has had a glimpse into the future and can see our firstborn is a dab hand at flatpack furniture assembling. I think it’s a little mean expecting junior to put their own bits together though. And I’m not even sure that they do tools that small. I’ve written so many to do lists that I’ve actually misplaced half of them. I need a life coach!
There also doesn’t seem to be enough time for me to read the many, many books I’ve bought to prepare me for D-Day. I did start reading them aloud so baby K-D knew what to expect too but I quickly tired of my own voice. Imagine how they must be feeling? Heat magazine became more alluring and I’m hoping the end result will be a fashionista child with a liking to reality TV.
I’m also very sorry it’s been a while since my last post but I am trying to think of different topics to write about. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.
The other half had his concerns about the blog, not that he’s actually read a post, but I didn’t really put his mind at rest by telling him he mentioned only as the sperm guy. Bless.
Right I am done for today. Thanks for popping by and reading.
Mummy over and out

One thought on “The final countdown?

  1. More posts about pregnancy and general rantage please!Tell the sperm guy to pull his finger out of his arse and build the baby stuff.Oh and can we please have some bump pictures?Love youps. Baby books are pointless, your instinct will tell you what you need to know, trust yourelf whoops i mean yourself, your elf won't know what to do when the baby is crying. (sorry, lack of sleep makes me a bit mental!)xx

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