Just like a bird

Nesting is a wondrous thing. I’ve always been pretty house-proud nee obsessive but reaching the “nesting” period has been a much needed excuse for me to spend the other halves money on all things pretty for the house. 

Most expectant mums would concentrate on the nursery I guess but weirdly I started with the garden. Maybe baby K-D is a future Percy Thrower. I’m not a gardening expert by any means, just a few pots and baskets here and there to make the place look pretty, but I kept returning from homebase and such like with bags and bags of things and receipts for him. A woman obsessed. 

I’m not sure if keeping plants alive was a test of my maternal instinct or not. Maybe I thought if I grew some pansies from seeds and managed to keep them alive and blooming then raising a child would be a breeze. Do babies have brief instructions printed on their backsides? 

After spreading to indoor plants and getting past a small black fly incident unscathed you’ll be pleased to hear that the nursery is now complete, a jungle theme with a bit of greenery added for pleasure. 

I did find myself in B&Q the other day nearly purchasing a “my first veg patch kit”. Maybe a couple of years before that happens and I can’t wait. 

Got to go and water my babies. 

Until next time


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