Letting Go – Memoirs of a control freak

Hands up who’s heard me moaning about my job and switched off? 
I know I bitch and moan about it but I do enjoy it, in a sick sort of way. 
I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and proud of my contributions to successful projects. Then BAM I become what is clinically known as “preggers” and I have to hand all my work over to someone new for a year whilst I take on a more challenging role. 

I found being part of the entire recruitment process bloody hard. My boss, and team, thought my opinion was the most important when it came to recruiting for my “replacement” so I was involved throughout the CV reviewing stage and the interview stage. 

Do these people not read books about hormonal pregnant women? I had to give myself so many pep talks in the mirror before the interviews as I didn’t think me shouting “what makes YOU think you are better than ME” would help anyone. May have shown strong characteristics if they’d stuck around after! 

After yonks we finally found someone! Phewee! This left me 3 weeks to hand over my brain and my experience. 

Then I was tasked with writing down what I do into a simple handover document. Only the words of a marketer!!! 

Ok so how do I politely put:

1. Answer the marketers questions whilst smiling and thinking “just look on the intranet”.

2. Answer the medics questions whilst smiling and thinking “just look on the intranet”.

3. Answer the reps questions whilst smiling and thinking “just look on the intranet”.

4. At 4:45 you are able to start your own work. 

Ok I don’t think I’m being fair, I may be experiencing a very hormonal day, maybe I start my own work at 4:30!!!

Training has been hard too. How do you explain what you do when you just, you know, do it? Plus I’m cooking a baby and still trying to keep on top of my work. Yep gold star for me!!!

Well I’ve now only got 3 more days in the office and I can safely say I am on complete wind down this week. I also think we timed the conception perfectly as July and August are quiet and I left today with just 2 emails in my inbox. This has not happened since 2006! 

I have finally started listening to everyone when they say, it’s not your problem. I even thought baby K-D was getting a stomach ulcer at one point through my stress. I know from Friday that it isn’t my problem for another 52 weeks but until I see baby K-D’s button nose (fingers crossed) it won’t stop me wondering what’s happening in the Haem Team. 

Until the next one

Mummy over and out x 

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