Impatient Little Bugger

Well it’s official Dexter Kauder-Day has entered the world. He arrived on Saturday 13th August at 11:30am after possibly the easiest labour ever! Sorry ladies but just let me gloat as I suffered throughout my pregnancy so deserved an easy time.

For those that know me well the 13th August was supposed to have been my baby shower. Lovingly organised by 2 very special ladies that I feel lucky enough to call my good friends. They’d arranged everything from games to party favours to even a scary helium balloon in the shape of a baby. But Baby K-D clearly didn’t care about the effort the ladies had gone too or the fact that his mummy was really looking forward to being pampered and spoilt by all the beautiful ladies in her life. No he thought what better way to spend the day than at the Lister Hospital.

It all started “happening” on Friday whilst having a duvet day with one of the said party organisers. Pressure was on for me not to give birth and I was asked to report back hourly to her with either a grey squirrel (nothing happening) or red squirrel (AAARRGGHHHHH I’m in labour). Poor girl got a text at 5am from the other half starting with red squirrel.

We were sent home as I was only 3cm dilated which pleased me as I was looking forward to getting a bit more sleep. I was advised by the midwife that my waters would probably break in 2 hours time. Well dead on 7am I hear a loud pop and then the movie style dramatics start……oh who am I kidding that’s when all the fun started.

Once we got back to the hospital the other half and I took the opportunity to take as many amusing photos as possible and there was no stopping me once the gas and air was in full flow. I lulled around in the hospital bath for a while, sent a few embarrassing pics to friends, received some very encouraging texts from friends as the word had got around, bit the other half, made him promise to buy me a spa day, hallucinated, and asked the midwife to get out of my house…….it was very confusing for a split second.

After 4 hours of labour (the last 14 minutes hurt) our boy wonder was born. He appeared between my shaking legs like a wriggly doll and when we saw pee spraying everywhere I shouted “WILLY!!!!”

We are beyond happy and have taken to parenting like ducks to water. The other half has been amazing and supportive and I love him even more now we are a family.

Now I’m off to milk like a cow……see you all soon

Mummy to Dexter over and out xxx

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