It all becomes clear….

Well this is a first….I’m writing this blog post with a snoring little boy laying on my chest. I’m pretty sure we were mid burping but he seems to have forgotten the protocol. 

So far being a mum has been so rewarding. I could smell him all day,  stroke his soft skin and comb his Mohawk. I lose sleep, my dignity and my nipples and all little D does is reward me by peeing and pooing all over me, he also throws in a bit of puke occasionally just for fun. Bless . 

It is amazing having this whole little person living with you and solely relying on you. I’m still surprised my parents allow me to live here without adult supervision. Maybe that’s what the other half is without me realising. 

He’s only been here 2 weeks and we’ve taken 1000’s of pictures, hours of video and stared lovingly at him for the best part of our evenings. So much so we are thinking of cancelling our Sky package. Who needs it! 

D has just taken over our lives. He’s taken over our kitchen, our living room and our bedroom but all for the better. How can something so small have so much stuff? 

A lovely lady said to me today…”I bet you feel like you’ve never been without him….” how right she was. I can’t imagine life without him now. D has created our little family unit, one that we’ve wanted for so long. My life feels like a dream. The kind of dream that you will yourself to not wake up from. I’m living my dream all thanks to the 2 most amazing people in my life. 

I’ll be sleeping again tonight with a big smile on my face. 


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