Living Doll

Ok I must remember that Dexter is a human and not a new doll I have. This week I have spent a small fortune on clothes and car parking all to dress him up in an array of Ken-esque garments. He does look amazing though! I have even forfeited buying myself clothes in order to buy him items. Wow I’ve changed.

I think sans hair the boy would look like a completely different person and wouldn’t have the character about him that he’s already showing. Just think if he was a she, I’d have scrunchies galore on that beautiful barnet!!

The hair is a blessing and a curse though. A blessing in the sense it makes people weak at the knees, literally. And a curse in the sense that he grabs it, then screams because someone is grabbing his hair. Bless I wonder when that association will be learnt.

And the mornings! Well the other half and I are looking like a bag of poop and Master K-D wakes up looking airbrushed. His skin is peachy perfect, eyes glistening and hair beautifully styled. Over the course of the day the teenage acne returns (milk spots), the claw marks on his face (from when I just can’t get my nipple in his mouth quick enough) and the dishevelled hair. Bless.

Right I’m off now to feed the boy and watch Supernanny US,  my new guilty pleasure!

Cheerio for now


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