Old Acquaintances, New Friends

Having the boy wonder in my life has opened up a whole host of new friendships and revisiting old ones.

Over the past month I have been lucky enough to meet up with 2 lovely ladies that I knew way back when the thought of having babies was a laughable matter and our money was safely spent on The Stage, booze and crop tops from Select in Stevenage. Both girls had beautiful boys called William and it’s been great to catch up with them and talk all things baby. One of the ladies has just started a new chapter in her life and has moved to Hong Kong. How lucky for her to experience a different culture whilst raising her first baby.

I also had coffee and a natter with an old friend yesterday who is ready to pop at again second, and with another boy. She looked fabulous and it reminded me of how much I miss my lovely bump. I am very jealous that her and her husband get to experience labour and meeting her baby boy for the first time.

So the boy is now 10lbs in weight and smiling and cooing at anyone in his eyeline. I feel so happy in the knowledge that we’ve managed to keep him alive for a whole 7 weeks so far. The other half and I have been known to get bored quickly of our new “hobbies”. I know I’m biased but I’m pretty sure he’ll be melting the hearts of ladies all his life. He’s grown out of his new baby clothes, in his own room and will be graduating university any day now! Time slow down please. Whilst writing this I keep getting distracted by watching him on the baby monitor. He couldn’t be more like his Dad if he tried. They both have little “spack outs” during their sleep. I know the other half dreams of playing football (yep kicking, running the lot), is Dexter dreaming of big, milky boobies?

Whilst the boy is growing big and strong the world continues to turn and 4 of my very special friends are arranging their weddings for 2012. Anyone would think we were all mature enough to cope with these life changing moments! All very different ladies and all very different weddings but weirdly 3 out of 4 hen do’s are in Brighton. I’ll have to set aside some of my coffee fund to pay for those.

Ok all done for today. Thanks for reading.

Mummy over and out


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