Things I’ve learnt……

1. Bird singing, butterflies fluttering love doesn’t just happen in Disney films

2. Sleep deprivation feels like an out of body experience 

3. Trying to think of my fun bags as a milk bottle rather than boobies doesn’t make me feel better when my nips make a break for freedom in public courtesy of Dex

4. Old ladies love a pregnant lady but not as much as they love a baby 

5. Babies with hair are rare. Babies with spiky hair are discussion magnets. 

6. The world continues to turn and people continue with their lives

7. Poo and wee (yours and the baby’s) become a common topic of conversation on most days. Normally over lunch or dinner

8. Hairy babies really do cause heartburn.  

9. Being paid in baby cuddles and smiles is all you need. I hope my boss doesn’t read this. 

10. Every minute of every hour of every day I’m thinking about my boy. I’ve never had something or someone that consumes my life like this and there is no way I would have it any other way. 

Mummy over and out


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