I love cake.

I didn’t really eat cake when I was pregnant because of the heartburn and blimey did I miss it!

When D and I established breast feeding I looked upon this as the perfect opportunity to eat cake, guilt free. The other half was force feeding me all sorts of naughty things to keep my sugar levels up and probably keep me awake so he avoided all nappies!

Breast feeding can help you burn 500 calories a day. Apparently. This really did feel like the case in the early days and my belly was sucked it straight away, but I’m starting to feel a little lard arsey of late. Which is possibly bad timing as I’ve sold all my maternity clothes on eBay.

There has been the occasional day when I’ve skipped breakfast or gone past lunch without realising. I know this is not ideal, I can even hear you all tutting as you read this, but sometimes feeding the boy is my priority. And food with tonnes of sugar, preservatives and additives just lasts longer in my cupboards. Fruit just has a shelf life of 4 minutes.

So I guess there could be a few solutions to my problem……..

1. I quit cake. Unlikely.
2. I start to exercise with purpose and meaning. With hefty, milky boobs, unlikely.
3. I quit moaning, realise him indoors loves me no matter what and buy more stretchy clothes.

I know what one appeals more…..

See you in Costa

Mummy over and out



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