And breathe……..

Last week was tough.

Poor D wasn’t himself all week due to having a very bad outbreak of eczema. It started off as a little dry patch on his knees and quickly escalated to full blown cut and sores all over his legs and arms. We visited the doctor on Tuesday morning for the second time in a month and was prescribed some aqueous cream for his body and some double base for the bath. The doctor also recommended that we didn’t bathe Dex everyday. This was disappointing to hear as he loves his bath time and ceases this opportunity to sit like a fat king in his throne.
The hardest thing to deal with is the scratching. Self mutilation that my poor little lamb is putting himself through. He drew blood so many times last week that I lost count. He looked like he’d gone 8 rounds with teen wolf.

The hair pulling used to be a quirky little trait he had. It was “oh look at my son with the amazing hair pulling it and making himself cry. Silly sod.” Well now the hair pulling has been replaced with hair ripping out and scalp gorging. For a mother this is not nice to witness.

Tuesday night/Wednesday day was the toughest. It was like having a newborn again. All Dex wanted was to be cuddled. And he only wanted to receive these cuddles from his mummy standing up. The minute I even perched on the end of the sofa he would scream. It wasn’t a hungry or a tired cry; it wasn’t even a painful cry, it was a cry of pure upset. It was like his world was falling apart around him. And it broke my heart.

Knowing that I couldn’t do anything to help him really frustrated me. Changing his clothes was a two man job. One to hold his hands down and one to whip his clothes off and on before he realised what was happening. We followed the doctors advice and witnessed his fragile skin ripping apart. I was worried for him but also worried about being a paranoid mother. I didn’t want to waste any one’s time but I also didn’t want to neglect my baby’s needs. I needn’t have worried as my doctors surgery was brilliant. I went back on Friday morning and luckily for me I saw a doctor who had just attended a course on child eczema and also a mother to an eczema sufferer.  We spent a good 40 minutes in there whilst she gave Dexter as through check. She sat me down and talked me through all the potions and remedies that she was prescribing and my head exploded with stress. 4 creams, 1 lotion, 1 bottle of medicine and some bath products later I felt emotionally drained that my 4 month old already had more items prescribed to him than I have had in the past year.

It was also suggested to me that my milk could be making him ill. This resulted in a sleepless night of me fretting. Should I stop BF him and end all the goodness he is getting or do I continue and effectively poison him. I was distraught that I could be the one causing this pain.

A lovely friend also got me in touch with her equally lovely sister for some advice. She’d really been through it with her little one. Special suits, many creams and all sorts. Her email to me really pulled at my heartstrings and made me feel that our situation didn’t even touch the surface compared to what she’d been through. She sent me so much information that I know I can easily turn to her for help when needed. I’ve added the links she sent through at the bottom. Well worth a read.

This week has been like a new start. We’ve been using the magic creams etc for only 4 days now and it’s a big turnaround. D is back to his usual smiling self and is just so chatty now. His skin is milky coloured again and he’s not hacking at himself anymore. Nappy changing and getting him dressed has now turned back into a game and he’s even started rolling whilst I’m trying to put his nappy on before the water pistol goes off in my face.

I know this situation is minimal compared to what others go through but no one can prepare you for the first time your baby is unwell. My boy is better now and I hope it lasts.

Ta ta

Mummy over and out


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