What Christmas means to me

As a tiny kid I loved Christmas. I used to force myself to sleep, over excited about the gifts I’d be unwrapping the next day, and willing tomorrow to come sooner.

By 7 years of age an evil child had informed my big sister that Father Christmas didn’t exist. She of course came home and declared this to the family. My world shattered into a million pieces but being the superficial little madam that I am I quickly forgot about it when I unwrapped all my shining new gifts on Christmas morning.

As a teenager I hated Christmas. I hated being “forced” to spend time with my family and I felt like a battery hen, trapped against my will. I was a moody cow that didn’t appreciate the time with my loved ones.

It was only when I started earning some money and working hard(ish) that I began to appreciate the time off and the family time. Uninterrupted time to spend with my most favourite people in the whole world. I’d had a few boyfriends along the way that were invited over or I’d go to their house, but nothing compared to Christmas day in the Day household.

Certain traditions had to be followed:

1. No one is allowed downstairs to even look, smell, touch the presents until the entire household is washed and dressed.
2. Breakfast is replaced by chocolate and nuts.
3. Dad would say the f word at least 30 times before 11am whilst prepping the veg.
4. Presents (already placed under the tree) are dished out by the most enthusiastic person.
5. Wrapping paper would be swiftly swept up by Dad and placed in a bin bag, an OCD trait that I am glad I have inherited.
6. Very wanted gifts are often accompanied by tacky gifts.
7. Dad always gets a Kylie calendar from Mum. Pervert.
8. Hot vegetables are nearly always dropped by my Mother.
9. A pea is dropped on the floor followed by a chorus of “pee on the floor” from us all.
10. Dinner is always, always superb.

This year will be extra special for my parents as they will have 2 grandson’s to spoil and play with. Jamie is at the age where we don’t know if the Christmas tree will still be standing by boxing day and Dex is at the age where I can dress him as Santa and he can’t moan about it.

This year, I hope, will also be perfect for the other half’s family. Last year on Christmas day was when we told his parents that we were expecting a baby. A grandchild that we were desperate to give them and that they now absolutely dote on. Dex has this amazing hold over them that just lifts their spirits, something that is more than needed at the moment. This Christmas will hopefully bring some joy to a very wonderful Granny and Grandad.

Memories have been made each year at Christmas for my family and I can’t wait to start making family memories of our own.

Have a fantastic Christmas

Mummy over and out


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