Bottle it and sell it on eBay

Dex is the apple of my eye, the reason I breathe and the only thing that makes me smile every morning and be thankful for my life and what I’ve been given. This was hard to believe 2 weeks ago when my lovely little lad started waking 2 or 3 times a night having previously been an all nighter (sleeping from 7 until 7).

Through my sleep deprived eyes I was thinking how did I cope with no sleep during the first few weeks? How did I function and look so happy and healthy? Then I remembered my old friend oxytocin. It pumps through you like marijuana (not that I’d know first hand Mummy) and is released when you breastfeed your baby. It works like caffeine during the day and like Valium at night. And because I was feeding D every 2 hours I had tonnes of the stuff pumping through my veins. Now my BF is established I just don’t feel the effects anymore. I’m not feeding D as much and now I’ve started him on food he’s gone a bit off his milk (obviously still having milk, just not quite as much).

I need the big O in my life again. I’m tired and I want to find a dealer that can bottle it up for me so I can buy it on eBay via my PayPal.

Mmmmm maybe I should have a look on gumtree…..

For now….Mummy over and out


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