The curse of the competitive mum

I’ve always had a slightly competitive side, possibly made stronger since shacking up with the other half. It’s his laid back attitude, it makes me want to whoop his arse at any game. Which I’d like to add, I rarely do! But having a baby has made me relax about things.

Since Dex arrived we’ve been visiting various baby group, coffee mornings and the like. I started to notice a trend between some of the mums.

“Oh my baby weighs *blah* now” or “my baby eats *blah* now” or “my baby graduated last week”. Who cares?

Dex is our first baby. The most precious thing in the world to us, and I’m in no hurry to rush through this time. I want to saviour every minute, not start encouraging the poor boy to roll over whilst singing the national anthem. Every baby is different and just because Dex is slightly smaller than most it does not make him any less healthy than other babies his age, it just means the lucky lad has inherited his dad’s genes rather than his chubby mum’s.

Now don’t get me wrong if that boy shows even the slightest interest in performing I am buying him a pair of jazz shoes quicker than you can say Louie Spence.

So I’m going to cover my ears, smile politely and nod my head at all the right times when this topic comes up in conversation next.

Right I’m off to get Master K-D measured for some shoes, surely he should be walking by now?

Mummy over and out


One thought on “The curse of the competitive mum

  1. Definitely the weight of the baby is something that people get competitive over, probably because it is something that is so easy to measure when other milestones are a bit more objective. I have tiny babies and it is a bit discouraging when everyone is boasting about their big babies – but give it a few years and no-one will be wanting the biggest child!Sleep is another topic that I try and avoid at baby groups!

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