Max Power

Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday.

I’ve known Miss Maxine Sharp since we were 7 years old.
We went to school together, played together, laughed together, and then her bloody parents up and moved her to Kent. Lucky Kent.

I missed her like mad but spending part of the summer holidays with her and almost every Sunday night on the phone to one another softened the blow.

When Max started working abroad as a holiday rep I vowed to visit her as often as I could. I mean its a free holiday!!! Her job took her to various “exotic” locations and her rep friends welcomed me into their big boozy arms. We shared some VERY drunken nights. Some resulted in injuries, most didn’t.

One season Maxine met a boy. A boy called Alex. He was ok. We fought over her attention when I visited but I grew to love him.

That boy is going to be Maxine’s husband in July. He’s also the daddy of her baby girl, Carmela, born in July last year.
My best friend is 6 days older than me and our babies are 6 weeks apart. It’s been so amazing to share our pregnancies and now our babies progress. Not a week goes by without us sending one another pictures of our bubba’s.

I’m beyond proud of Maxine and her lovely house, her beautiful baby and her Italian fiancΓ©. It’s it wrong that I still feel 15?

Happy birthday my lovely, lovely friend.


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