Sleeping like a erm, baby?

I cannot remember the last time I slept through the night without waking at least once. Whilst pregnant I would wake at least twice a night during the 1st and 2nd trimester to empty my bladder, then at least 57 times a night during the 3rd trimester trying to get comfortable.

When we brought Dexter home I was feeding him every 3 hours. I had lovely hormones pumping through me so didn’t feel that knackered, I also felt suitably trained from the pregnancy insomnia. Past 6 weeks he would sleep for 4 – 5 hours at a time and this felt like a luxury. His feeds and settling him would take about 60-90 minutes but I just got on with it. Like a deranged weirdo, I enjoyed this quiet time together. Any normal person probably would’ve preferred it at a more sociable hour.

When Dex started sleeping through the night I stopped. I started to wake at any tiny noise. I would imagine any noise as a threat to my family and go into protective mode. I could even hear our nocturnal fish tapping on the glass tank some nights and think its a masked murderer chiselling their way into our house. I kept the monitor on next to my bed and would just stare at it waiting to see his little chest go up and down. Whilst this is all happening the other half is snoring his head off next to me, oblivious to any threatening fish or masked murderers.

Now at 7 months old, Dex sleeps soundly through the night. He’s zonked out by 7:30 until we wake him up at 7 the next morning. I’m so lucky that he likes his sleep but it comes at a cost, I entertain that boy non stop during the day and by 8pm I’m exhausted. Now he’s a sound sleeper you’d think I would jump at the chance to be back on the tequila train but I just want my pj’s on by 7 followed by dinner, wine then bed. The monitor has now been banished from our bedroom and I only wake up a maximum of 57 times a night to check my family is ok.

I’m hoping I’ll be more relaxed when he’s all grown up, and Dexter of course.

Mummy over and out


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