Travelling Light

I was packing up the car the other day when my neighbour stopped to chat to me.
“Going anywhere nice?” he asked, noticing the 5 bags I was placing in the car. “Erm, nope just to my parents for the night” I replied…….

Packing light doesn’t seem to be an option in our house anymore. For a normal day out I take a changing bag crammed full of nappies, wipes, toys, clean clothes, muslin cloths and a play mat for Dexter, and now he’s on solids, a lunchbox too. I remember a time when I could leave the house with only him, a nappy, wipes and my boobs. Orange puke is a big part of our day so if we’re going anywhere important (rare) then I take a change of clothes for me too. By 4pm on a average day I will most definitely have a puke trail down my leg. I know this is how he shows me he cares.

And well any trip that is overnight means a lot of luggage! We went away for a few days in February for my birthday and I spent the week running up to our break away panicking about what we needed to take for him. I was pretty certain that the Cotswold’s had never even heard of children, let alone catered for them so I insisted on taking every home comfort we needed for him. We had a bag of bath time bits, a bag of clothes (twice as many as actually needed), a bag of his food, a bag of toys, another bag of toys and his bumbo. We had a tiny bit of space left in the Golf so we managed to pack as carrier bag full of clothes each with was such a luxury. Not surprisingly we came home with more clean clothes than we took away and hardly used any of the bits we took. Fresh air in our boys lungs were better than any squeaky toy and he slept so soundly every night that we didn’t need all his little bedtime comforts.

We’d like to visit our friends in Holland this summer. I’ve considered taking the ferry so we can drive and still be able to pack up the house but the other half just laughed at me for being a control freak. I should also mention that our Dutch friends have a beautiful baby girl that is only 6 weeks older than Dexter so will of course have every baby item known to man at their house, just in pink rather than blue. I hope we’ll be booking our Easyjet flights soon and just checking in 1 bag for our little family (here’s hoping!)

I know I will pass this phase soon but until then I feel better knowing I’m prepared for every eventuality. And if there is a monsoon this summer, well Dexter and I won’t be getting wet!!!

Mummy over and out


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