The Weighting Game

So I got asked this week when I was planning on losing the baby weight………

Shocked? Probably not as much as I was. And this was from someone who I thought liked me. I won’t name and shame them through fear of them being egged on the street by an army of angry women.

I know I’m a little bit wobbly. I know I’m not quite toned enough but I didn’t think I was a heffer. I didn’t think I was this huge beast that makes a sofa moan every time I sit on it, so I was not expecting this question to come up in conversation when I think the conversation was about Britain’s Got Talent!

Taking away the fact that I had a baby 8 months ago, I’ve never been a skinny girl. I’ve always had a bit of meat on my bum and thighs, it’s just the way I was created.

I’m still BF so enjoying the fact that I am burning a few hundred calories a day doing that. I pick 18lbs of chubbiness up about 1000 times a day. I haul my butt up and down the stairs about 500 times a day. I do nappy burpees (a boot camp term) about 50 times a day and I am FOREVER rolling around on the floor entertaining my bundle of joy. I do not sit on my arse for 16 hours a day. So why oh why does this person, or anyone, feel that they are allowed to question my weight? Do I come across as being lazy? Or maybe I seem like a greedy cow to them? Well the only thing I know is that their comment hurt. It hurt my feelings to think that this was all they could see about me. Not the fact that my appearance comes second to my son’s happiness.

I have a very content little boy and he has a slightly overweight mum. And my little boy loves me no matter what.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


P.s the photo is a very, very old photo of me skinny.

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