To the happy couple

Today is Leila and Simon’s wedding day. Today is the day we’ve all been looking forward too for such a long time. And today is 5 years since their first date.

Leila and Simon first met in the glamorous world of insurance. I’m not sure if it was love at first sight as poor Simon was being interviewed by Leila at the time. Simon was quickly accepted into our group of pure and innocents, even after we found out he was a scout leader.

I’ve learnt a lot about weddings and a lot about Leila and Simon over the past few months.

1. Some “jokes” about weddings aren’t funny.

2. Moving house and having a wedding within 2 weeks of each other is not advised.

3. What happens on a stag do should stay on a stag do.

Joking aside (yes really), I can not wait to spend their special day with them. Leila is going to make an amazingly stunning bride and I am pretty certain that Simon is already crying with pride and joy.

To Leila and Simon, good luck! We love you very much.

Mummy over and out


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