It’s SNOT funny

Are any other mum’s repulsed by their child’s snot? Nope? Just me then.

I’m not in line to win mother of the year 2012 (not 2 years in a row, anyway) but I honestly cannot hide the fact that Dexter’s bodily fluids give me the heebie jeebies.

Today, for example, I was having coffee with a lovely friend whilst Dex was sitting on my lap eating a snack. A snack which spread all over his mouth, hands, arms, legs, my legs, my hands and weirdly my elbow. To top it off he added a little Dexter snot just for good measure. This was entertainment for my friend but my living hell.

I wish I could say I suffered from OCD but my laziness is too strong to contend with.

The OH never wipes Dexter’s nose either, always leaving it for me to do. If he mutters the words “leave him, he’s a boy” one more time I will store up Dexter’s snot and make him a special dinner one night. Puke. D flinches whenever I go near his face with a muslin cloth, I wonder at what age I’ll stop doing this to him?

So I really have to start manning up and deal with said snot. Failing that train Dexter to wipe his own fluids away.

Until the next time

Mummy over and out


Sans snot. For once.

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