That moment when….

Dex learnt a new word at the weekend…..BREATHE!

Saturday night was his first, and I sincerely hope his last, encounter with a paramedic.

It all started at tea time. I handed him his usual breadstick to munch on whilst I heated up his food. This is something we’ve done 100 times at least. He’s good at chewing (still no teeth) but his gums are so bloody hard that I never worry about him eating anything that he can’t slobber all over first. I sat down in front of him, bowl in hand and he started to go red in the face and arching his back. I could see instantly that something wasn’t right. I gave him a whack on the back but this changed nothing. Panic quickly set in and I grabbed my phone and dialled 999. This is the first time I have ever done this and didn’t know what to expect. The entire phone call lasted 4 minutes but to me it felt like a lifetime. Whilst I was talking to the operator Dexter started to cough and cry hysterically. This was the best sound I’d ever heard. He was so distressed and gasping for breath, I could tell something was still lodged in his throat so the operator told me a paramedic was minutes away. I scooped him up and held him as close to me as I could to calm him down.

The doorbell rang and I opened it to find two paramedics. They came in and took Dex from me. One examined him whilst the other asked me questions. Then it happened. A moment that only a son of mine could do….he puked on the paramedic. Snot, drool and wet breadstick all landed on the guys trousers. I was 5% mortified and 95% relieved that my baby boy was ok. I apologised and they thankfully just laughed it off. After giving him the once over and asking me if I thought he seemed normal they seemed happy to
leave us to it.

After attending a paediatric first aid course whilst pregnant I never thought I’d have to use these skills, especially on my own child. A small amount of instinct kicked in but at the time I felt like a rabbit in headlights. I am eternally grateful that the situation ended how it did. Paramedics and operators are amazing people.

Hopefully this coming week will be a little less stressful.

Mummy over and out


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