Things I wish I’d known

With many lovely friends all around me up the duff or having just had their babies it made me think back to the early days and see if I’d change anything. Yep quite a few things actually.

1. 1+1+1= new family

I so wish we’d limited our visitors to 0 a day until Dex was at least 3 weeks old. We missed out on precious bonding time as a new family and wished we’d stayed in bed more napping and relaxing. The OH made endless cups of tea for the guests in between cleaning the house and cooking my dinner. All the time whilst I sat on my arse resting my noony and whacking my boob out for the boy.

2. Getting dressed is for losers

I purchased one decent pair of maternity pyjamas. Boy did I underestimate that. In hindsight I should’ve bought the entire range and just rotated them for the first 6 weeks. Why did I bother getting dressed when I should’ve just concentrated on cuddling my newborn?

3. Ermmmmm my baby…

I wish I’d been more assertive about who was holding my baby and how. The OH got it in the neck a lot when passing the boy around for friends to cuddle at his work (a lovely pub). I was convinced every smoker had only just stubbed out a cigarette and my poor little poppet would be engulfed in a cloud of carbon monoxide. If I didn’t want random women holding him in return for a 50p placed in his hand then I should’ve just said so. End of.

4. There were 3 in the bed.

I know co-sleeping isn’t recommended but my god it’s a whole lot easier for a BF mum. I could’ve just wapped my boob out and job done. No getting up, taken Dex into his room, being considerate to the OH needs. Nope just fed him lying down, half asleep and snuggled up. Plus we could’ve saved a fortune on buying a Moses basket and a milking chair. That money could’ve gone towards cake.

5. Cuddles all round.

The first days create an amazing bond between mummy and daddy. I wish I’d taken advantage of the honeymoon period and snuggled more with daddy. We’re back to football, iPhones and snoring. Boo.

I’m sure I could waffle on all day but I’ll save the rest for another post. Dex is giving me a knowing look which probably means he’s either filled his nappy or wants to climb all over me. I best investigate.

Thanks for reading.

Mummy over and out



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