Teething Times are Testing Times

Well Dex finally got his first tooth on Monday 2nd July. I only knew of this momental occasion because Nanny text me to let me know. You see me and the OH were on our third night out together since Dex was born and Nanny and Grandad were babysitting for us. What terrible parents we are!

The first tooth came without any moaning or groaning and Dex was a brave solder. This week, however has been very different. He’s not eating, he’s not sleeping, the snot he’s producing is of epic proportions and he’s not stopped howling and whining in pain. My poor baby boy is really suffering, is this to be the case with every illness, you know seeing as men get things a lot worse than women?

Ive received a lot of advice on how to help Dex. We’ve been giving him Calpol, which he sometimes keeps down, teething powder which he gags on and then vomits, amber beads which don’t seem to work, bickiepegs to gnaw on which he throws quite far (he doesn’t get ths from me!), chilled veg to chew on which he gags on and my finger which has now started to hurt. The only slight relief he gets is when he has his dummy in. I wanted to try and binhibits dummy but I can see him gnawing down on it and if it helps him then he can have it until all his teeth come through.

Being a Mum has been hard this week. I’ve found things frustrating. He’s upset and whilst I can briefly make him feel better by scooping him up into a big hug I know that within minutes he’ll be whincing in pain.

My baby boy is growing up and I wish I could take his pain away.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out



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