My best friends wedding

Today is my best friends wedding.

Maxine Sharp is marrying Alessandro Quaglia and life will never be the same again. Maxine Quaglia. I wonder how many times she’s practised her signature?

I met Alex for the first time in Fuerteventura. It was the very early days of their relationship. This dark haired, goateed boy had stolen Maxine’s heart. I told her to play it cool, keep him smitten and be aloof. That night Max and I got so drunk I passed out and Alex was a true gent by looking after the both of us. I knew then he was a keeper.

Over the years I’ve witnessed their love for each other blossom and now with Carmela here they are the perfect family unit (however not yet complete!)

I’m so happy for my best friend. I’m so happy that Maxine has found someone to cook meat for, breed perfect babies with and be happy for the rest of her life with.

I’m so happy that my family are sharing this special day with their family and as I type this squinting through tears I cant wait to see the beautiful bride and to witness Alex and Maxine to become man and wife.

The Kauder-Day’s love you both very much….and Carmela!

Now…..LET’S PARTY!!!!!!

Mummy over and out



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