My 52 week old baby boy

Today is Dexter’s 1st birthday.

I’m beyond proud of my baby boy. I’m proud of the OH and I’m proud of the family we’ve become.

The past year has been a blur of late nights, early mornings, sore nipples, lots of poo, coffee, cuddles, toys taking over, food being thrown under, muslin cloths, washing, purée, sterilising, breast pumping, lots of rocking, uncertainty, breakfast in bed, adoration, picture taking, cute clothes, amazement and exhaustion. I truly believe I wouldn’t have changed a second of it (well probably a few of the pooping and puking moments!)


You are always warned that the first year flashes by and I didn’t believe this to be true as I spent most of the first 6 months (and the past week, grrrrr) awake and watching the clock. Dexter has gone from a skinny, scrawny newborn to a gorgeous, blonde toddler. I’ve marked off many milestones along the way. First smile, first giggle, first meal, first time sitting, standing and crawling and first word to mention a few. His personality is already shining through and I can see he’s a perfect mix of both of us. He’s laid back but just a little bit nuts….

It’s a cliche to say that he’s changed our lives. Of course he has, life will never be the same again but I also feel that’s he’s changed the lives of those special and close to us too. Dexter has grown up into a cheeky, happy boy with a gummy smile that lights up the room. He shows so much love for his friends and family that my heart just swells with pride. I still find it so amazing that the OH and I have managed to breed such a wonderful human being. I mean we’re not ogres or serial killers (even though he could be named after one), we’re nice people surrounded by even nicer people and when others mention that Dex is cute etc we just look at one another and laugh!


It’s been a pretty tough year for our family and circle of friends but Dexter has been our tonic. He’s been our reason to carry on as normally as possible, to keep on going through the hard times. Plus he now gives the best kisses and cuddles.

Being a parent is possibly the worst paid job in the world but hands down the most rewarding.

To my son, happy birthday. I love you.

Mummy over and out



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