Giving Life a Meaning

You never know what you have until its gone is a cruel statement.

To only fully appreciate something once it’s taken away from you means you’ve never let go and enjoyed it. The memories you make with that person you love should be measured on quality and not quantity.

We take many, many things for granted during our day to day lives. It’s easy to moan about the nagging wife/girlfriend/other or have a grumble about the lazy husband/boyfriend/other, to declare that the kids are pushing your buttons or to moan about the state of your home or your boring, mundane job. We are more often than not unhappy with our lives. It’s easy to get caught up in what’s happening in your life, of course, because it’s your life.

This year I have become so grateful for my job, my lovely home, my supportive OH, our gorgeous boy, my family and our amazing circle of friends. I am loved and I love.

I have everything I need.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out



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