Home sweet home

It’s a strange world we live in.

Debt is frowned upon yet so many of us have it. We work hard to get ourselves out of debt only to then buy a property and owe the banks 10 times more than the debt you had in the first place.

Why does society dictate that we should own a property? Is it to build a better future for our children? Or just set them up to understand more about inheritance tax?

Why do we work our arses off to save for the deposit, stress about covering the monthly payments and despise the length of the mortgage? The only positive I can think of is so we redecorate when we want.

My family rent a lovely house. Our house has 2 bedrooms, a lovely garden, a big lounge and as many toilets as there are people living in it (and one isn’t even potty trained yet!) Our rent has never increased over the time we’ve been there (almost 3 years) and it really is the perfect size for us, for now. The location is a textbook family area. We’re right opposite a parade of shops, 30 second walk from D’s nursery, 30 second walk to a children’s centre, community centre and a good school is also on our doorstep. Even though our estate has been described as a “concrete jungle” (by a not very nice or knowledgeable person) we are surrounded by parks, conservation areas and woodland.

I love our house. I love how we’ve made it a home. It felt like a home before Dex was even here and but now it feels like a true family home.

So what’s the next step for the K-D’s? Watch this space.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out



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