A Job Well Done

This morning we attended Dexter’s 12 month development check at our local health centre. It wasn’t something that we thought was an inconvinience nor something we were dreading, it was actually something we had been looking forward to, keen to tick all the boxes.

Red book in hand we walked into the treatment room at our local health centre and was greeted by a lovely health visitor. Dex flashed her a winning smile and set out to destroy her room.

We were asked a few questions…..

– How’s his speech? I confirmed he’d said a few words but Dada was his favourite. Sigh. I did also add that he sounded like Brad Pitt in Snatch when he says Mum (Ma) and dog (Dawg).

– How’s his sleeping? I happily confirmed that he takes after his Ma and loves his sleep, sometimes 13 hours a night. Lazy git.

– How’s his walking? Mmmm well this is something I wish he didn’t inherit from me. The OH and I are convinced he knows how to walk, just can’t be arsed. He’s taken a few steps, he stands on his own, he even toddles along barely holding onto one of your fingers but ask him to walk and he dramatically falls to his knees and whinges.

– How’s his eating? This is my area of worry. He’s become a fussy eater sometimes having nothing other than his breakfast to eat all day. He drinks loads of water and has 2 huge bottles of cows milk every morning and night but sometimes really freaks out when you sit him down to eat. Now we’ve past the “food before one is fun” stage it’s started causing me a bit of worry. The HV assured us we had nothing to worry about. She said Dex was fully in proportion, in fact was on par to be a lanky skinny boy just like his Dad and she also mentioned his head was no longer a pin head (not her EXACT words).

But the part that made us skip out the door was her words on his behaviour. The HV mentioned that she’d never met such a chilled out baby boy. She said it was obvious how happy and content he was a what a great job we’d done raising him. The OH and I almost, almost chest bumped in celebration. I’m not saying the last year has been an entire breeze, we’ve had our ups and downs but I think Dex was erm, easy. However I’m now finding the “toddler” times a bit more of a challenge but is that because I can’t sit on my arse as much?

So gold stars all round in the K-D house this week.m

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out



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