Reflective Tuesday

I was writing an article earlier for a magazine (I know EXCITING!!) about Christmas and I know we’re a long way off but it got me thinking about December. As my devoted readers and wonderful friends will know its been a testing year for many of my friends and family and I began to think about how hard Christmas will be for a lot of us.

I’m excited about the festive period, I’m excited to be spending time with my loved ones but I think this year will be a time to reflect and remember all those we’ve lost this year.

Whilst most are enjoying the extended time off from their jobs, others will be wishing the time away and looking forward to being back to the distraction of work.

While most are setting the tables on Christmas morning without thought or care, others will be all to aware that important people are missing.

While children are excitedly unwrapping their presents and babies are unwittingly dressed in something festive, others will have heavy hearts aching for their missing kids.

Always thinking of you, never forgotten.

L, S, L, J, S.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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