Warning…..this post is going to make me sound OLD!

I’ve been having a few “issues” with young people lately, in particular…..YOOF.

We live on a new estate in Stevenage and have been in the same house for 3 years now. When we first moved in we saw our 2 bedroom house as a perfect location, just far enough out of the town centre to not be surrounded by chavs and drunks and just across the road from a small supermarket and a take away so Friday nights in were sorted. When I fell pregnant we looked at our location differently. Our local hospital was only 2.3 miles away by car (3 routes tested and measured); we had a very good infant and primary school next door and a nursery school opposite. Everything was literally on our doorstep. Unfortunately this also included the “yoof” of the estate.

I have nothing against small people. I have taught and worked with small people since I was 16. However I do have a problem with small people who think they are big people and go all out to piss big people off.

The first incident happened when I was about 12 weeks pregnant. We live in a terraced house with one side attached to a coach house so we have a passage next to our living room that is a public footpath to the road behind us. There was never a lot of traffic under this until the “yoof” started using this as a piss poor scooter and skateboard ramp. I don’t mind kids playing out, I don’t mind kids having fun but when you are tired, emotional and pregnant the last thing you want is 12 small people aged 8 years upwards standing in your front garden and kicking a ball against the side of your house. I didn’t want to be “that” person and start shouting at them, partly because the OH didn’t want our house pelted with eggs and partly because I was afraid of how mental my hormones could make me but one day they sent me over the edge. I walked out of my front door and they all stood (still on my lawn) and stared at me. I explained nicely that there was a lovely park 30 seconds from us that had a skating ramp and could they please go and play there rather than my front garden. The response? “Do one grandma”. I was shocked and went back into the house and cried into a pillow (hormones and the realisation that I looked older than I thought). Don’t get me wrong, the kids still hang around outside our house and when I was on maternity leave for 12 months I was really aware of it but now I’m back at work and we spend most of the weekends out and about it’s a case of ignorance is bliss.

The second incident happened only last weekend. A group of “yoof” congregated on the street corner opposite our house. I needed to pop over to the shop for supplies as my friend was visiting. I wasn’t bothered by the group as it was a mix of girls and boys and they seemed pretty young and silly. I got my bits in the shop and headed back to the house, once again walking past the group. That’s when one of the smaller, ginger boys looked at me and said “Hello f**ker”. Nice.

The third incident happened only last Wednesday. This incident really upset me and I’m glad someone else was there to intervene. I had a dentist appointment that is in a slightly “rougher” part of Stevenage. I was sitting in my car after the appointment getting ready to drive off when I spotted 3 young boys on the opposite side of the road. 1 looked about 6 years old and the other 2 looked about 8 years old. One of the 8 year olds had the other one pinned against the fence by his neck. The victim looked petrified and the younger kid was just laughing at the situation. I got out of my car to attempt to break up the situation and thankfully a man was walking by and had seen the whole thing too. He shouted at the kids to break it up, this was ignored; the attacker just stared at him with a blank expression. The man then walked towards the boys, still the attacker just stared. Finally the man freed the victim from the grasp and he ran off. The attacker and his small accomplish seemed unperturbed about this adult intervening and breaking up the situation. I was gob smacked that boys this young were displaying such violent ways. I was scared for this kid and what he will eventually become.

I look at kids very differently now, especially boys. I imagine how Dexter will turn out and I hope he’ll be a polite and well behaved boy that respects his elders. More importantly though I hope he has friends like this too. Peer pressure is destructive and I have witnessed good kids turn bad all thanks to the “Damien” of the group.

With Halloween this week I hope the “yoof” make an effort with their costumes, leave the little kids alone and PLEASE don’t pelt my house with eggs.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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