You see this boy? He’s my world.


He and everything about him means everything to me. If he’s under the weather I’m there for him, if he’s up in the night I’m (almost) always there for him, if he wants a cuddle I give him one. I’m a mum now and I have responsibilities. Those responsibilities don’t ever stop. Those responsibilities are there even when I’m not with Dexter. My brain will never switch off from being Dexter’s mum.

You might want me to go out on a Friday night, chances are I’m knackered and Saturday would be better. I look forward to getting dressed up and seeing my friends. I plan and prep well in advance so nothing goes wrong. But something does go wrong, my baby boy won’t go to sleep. I’m his mum and its my responsibility to put him safely to bed. As my friend you should understand this.

We manage a night out. We’re enjoying a few drinks and there’s talk of shots, I decline. I’m having fun and feeling tipsy. You call me boring and say I’ve changed. Of course I’ve changed. My Sunday mornings used to be spent in bed until 11am, now I get woken up at 7am by a small boy. Babies don’t understand hangovers.

You might want me to go out for dinner. It’s a week night and I’ve missed you and want to catch up but have no money. I’m earning less money as only working part time and every spare penny is spent on Dexter. I suggest a catch up at my house. This falls on deaf ears. If a catch up is that overdue does the location matter?

My friends, if I’m not around for you as much as I used to be it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped caring. I’ve got a big heart and there is plenty of room for everyone in it.

I’ve changed. My life has changed. If you don’t understand maybe it’s time to change friends.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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