Belly Laughs and Snot Bubbles

I love how mental my boy has become.

He’s started singing along to nothing in the car, chatting away to his toys in his own little language and generally being a bit nuts. He’s also started throwing little hissy fits that even he ends up laughing about once he’s finished. They are a pathetic combination of a head bang (he always picks a soft surface) and fake crying, I’m honestly not sure where he gets his dramatic edge from……


My favourite thing about him at the moment is that he just wants to make you laugh. And the more you laugh, the more he laughs and the more he laughs the more he blows huge snot bubbles out of his nose…. sorry TMI. Our Friday’s are often a vicious circle of laughter then Mummy DESPERATLY needing a wee. He remembers what makes me laugh the most and seems to save that for Mummy/Dexter Day. Sweet.

He has such a gentle nature about him but with a very mischievous edge. There was “pig-gate” last week, for example.

Pig Gate

Scene: Dexter and Mummy are watching a programme on farm animals. Dexter has taken up his favourite position of right in front of the TV. There is a mummy pig feeding her piglets on the screen. Dexter slowly turns around and says………..”Mam”.

Suddenly he’s learnt how to push my buttons, but weirdly knows exactly how far he can cross the line. I think maybe I should bug him and record what the OH is teaching him.

Dex being a bit fruit loopy and outgoing will not be a shock for those that know me well, but I was convinced that Dex would not only look like the OH but act like him too.

Poor Daddy has 2 of us to contend with now.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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