What A Difference A Year Makes

Ok don’t panic, this isn’t a soppy post on how much my life has changed because of Dex….blah, blah, blah….I write enough about that. This post is about ME!

Friday saw my office Christmas party take place. I work in a big office; I’m talking 100’s of people. I don’t know everyone and not everyone knows me. As we’re such a large company we are limited on where we can attend and tend to use the same local marquee in a farm each year. It’s a popular formula and is always an event most people look forward to attending.

Except for me last year.

Why did I go? Silly, silly girl. I was on maternity leave, I had heavy; milk-filled boobs and I was so bloody tired from night feeding my 3 month old baby. I wanted to see people and catch up but actually I should’ve been lounging around in my PJ’s and enjoying the fact that I didn’t need to wash my hair or put make up on, let alone get glammed up and wear high heels. I arrived at 9pm after feeding and settling the boy. I left a bottle of emergency milk in the fridge with the intent on the OH having to use it for the night feed as I had visions I’d be to sloshed on wine to be able to feed Dex. Fat chance. I nervously walked in to the party venue and was immediately engulfed by my lovely drunk colleagues. It was great to see them all, but I was very overwhelmed by the barrage of kisses, hugs and questions I received. And of course being 3 hours behind them in the drinking stakes was hugely obvious! I snuck of by 10:30 for cuddles with the boy. Tragic.

Fast forward a year and I had a brilliant night. The gin flowed and the conversation was easy. It was great to catch up with people and have half a clue as to what they were talking about. I felt completely in the loop with everyone and was relaxed and confident. We danced a lot, we drank a lot and we laughed even more. I loved putting on my LBD and my silver heels even though I couldn’t walk in them by 1am. A brilliant night was had by all and it was a festive push in the right direction that I clearly needed.


This year my feet are still a little sore but at least my confidence didn’t take a battering.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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