I feel like I’ve aged 20 years in the past month.

Since embarking on the whole “house buying” fiasco it’s been a never ending rollercoaster of, erm, dullness. Endless amounts of long winded contracts arrive at through our letter box, photocopied pictures of maps and boundaries and elongated words that sound important but just mean bricks and mortar have flooded into our lives. My evenings are spent comparing insurance quotes and working out the best way to keep 1 small boy and 1 larger boy happy whilst we move all our worldly belongings 2.8 miles.

If it’s not mortgages making me feel old, its pensions and benefits. Once upon a time I laughed in the face of saving for the future. I lived for the moment and worked hard on adding to my monthly “wine and shopping fund”. My additional benefits would be buying extra holiday and swanning off somewhere fancy for the week. This year I’ve gone all out for the childcare vouchers, healthcare plan and additional compensation for long term illness. Cheered me up no end.

But the cherry on the top of my aging cake has to be my reaction to meeting celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo this week, the housewives favourite “king of the jungle”. Every time Gino said something remotely rude or funny I shrieked like an audience member of Loose Women and nudged my poor friend next to me. I was nauseatingly giddy with excitement and even sighed when the poor sod got to kiss me twice ON THE FACE!!!! I can only assume the next step following the discovery of my new crush will be to start Sky + daytime cooking shows.

Someone please reassure me that I’m not old before my time, just maybe becoming….sensible?

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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