Happy New Year

When reflecting over the past year its easy to forget the small little details that make our memories. This year however has been full to the brim of big events. We saw friends tie the knot and live happily ever after. Irreversible damage was done to my kidneys on at least one of the 500 hen dos I attended. Babies were conceived, babies were born and we shared christenings and blessings with friends and families. Dex celebrated his 1st birthday and we were overwhelmed by the love people showed for him. Nothing has been more enjoyable than watching him grow, learn and develop each and every day. This year also saw our 5th anniversary. Not a biggie by others standards but its definitely one we’re proud of.

Our family and friends became patriotic royalists. We had damp feet from the shite weather, but my god were we proud of our country. I was interested in sport for 4 weeks and cried like a baby every time a Heather Small song was played. Everywhere you turned you saw a Union Jack. The jubilee was something I was proud to be part of….I even saw the Queen in the flesh on Hertfordshire turf.

The K-D’s holidayed a number of times, UK and abroad (so continental) and even took Grandad away for a break. I spent the majority of the year on maternity leave or “holiday” as the OH named it, but come August we easily slipped into a routine when I begrudgingly went back to office to be amongst the “shoe-wearers”.

This year of course had more than its fair share of heartache but I think it’s healthier to reflect on the good times and remember those we’ve lost with fondness and love rather than upset.

2012. A year that I’d like to cherish but also forget. Wow. You were immense. We shared many emotions, we shed tears together and we laughed. A lot.

With the K-D’s starting the New Year in a new family home I only have good feelings about what lies ahead. And after a pretty grotty ill-filled Christmas its not going to be hard to improve on the present!

So as I write this post sitting on my sofa, in my festive PJ’s at 8pm on New Years Eve I’d like to thank every single one of you for your love and support over this past year. Without you I wouldn’t write, without you I would just chat away to the poor, ever suffering OH. So from the very bottom of his heart…..THANK YOU!!!

Now Eastenders is on!

For the last time this year, thanks for reading

Mummy over and out



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