Dear Dexter

You are such a beautiful boy with a beautiful soul. How did that happen?

Sometimes at night when you’re sleeping peacefully I go into your bedroom and wonder what you’re dreaming about. I watch you wriggle around and it takes all my will power to stop myself from scooping you up into my arms and giving you a cuddle.

Everything about you makes my heart swell with pride. I am so proud to call you mine and enjoy watching you grow and learn. The way you make people smile and laugh in your own special way shows that already you have a cheeky nature, I just wish that cheeky side would choose to understand “Dexter, stop it please”.

When I come home from work and you smile when you see me, well that makes everything worth it. When I pick you up and you wrap your arms around my neck and give me a mini bear hug, it makes working full time bearable. When you plant a big snotty kiss on my lips, I just want to shed a happy tear. It’s then that I know you love me, care for me and will always be my baby.

Don’t go changing DKD.

Mummy over and out



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