A year has gone

Yesterday saw a year since we lost Dexter’s Granny. The normal reaction to hearing this is “wow has it really been a year? That’s gone so quickly”. Not to those that have missed her everyday.

The past year has seen so many events that I wish she’d been here for. Her oldest boy turning 40, her youngest boy buying his first house and her baby grandson growing into a gorgeous little boy. Lynne would’ve loved the jubilee too. She was a true royalist and really loved to see what the ladies would be wearing.

I’ve witnessed the K men manage through life as best they can over the past 12 months without Lynne being here, and bloody hell they’ve done an amazing job. Grandad loves his Wednesdays with Dexter. The bond that has grown between them warms the cockles of my heart. I know that Dex is happy and safe when he’s at Grandad’s, I can even deal with him not eating veg. Uncle Da brings out a glint in D’s eyes. He loves playing with him, and we’ve finally found somewhere for that bloody teddy to live. But most of all is the OH, I wish with all my heart that his mum was here to witness the amazing dad he is. Dexter absolutely adores him and its clearly reciprocated. In fact I’m not sure either of them would notice if I was here or not! Her youngest has provided the best family home for us and a safe environment for Dex to grow up in. He makes me unbelievably happy and I couldn’t want for a better man to spend my life with.

I hope Lynne can see what we’re doing and is proud of her family.

We miss you everyday x

Mummy over and out



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