That’s Entertainment

I love our new house.

I love our house when it’s just me there but I love our house the most when it’s full of people.
Our house is perfect for entertaining and that’s what we are finally getting round to doing.

Easter weekend saw us host a murder mystery dinner party for some of our lovely friends.
I was nervous for a number of reasons:

1. I’d agreed to cook a 3 course meal for 8 people, something I’d never attempted before.

2. I’d never taken part in a murder mystery before so didn’t know what to except, let alone host one.

3. I was worried I’d get hammered and ruin the game.

4. I was worried the OH would sulk.

However, I needn’t have panicked because the evening was brilliant (biased I know!) The food was consumed heartily and I’ve not heard of any upset stomachs or death or anything! All the guests made such an effort with their costumes and characters, even some of the dodgy accents were okay!


However the biggest shock of all was how much effort the OH put in. He’s not one for playing “games” and wasn’t really up for the idea but was happy to go along with things as long as it made me happy and he got to drink beers with his friends. He had us all in stiches for most of the night with his crap grasp on a Belgium accent and catching cheesecake in his fake moustache. The girls were fab at playing the absolute opposites of themselves ad looked strangely attractive in pink and tweed. The BFF’s hubby guessed the correct murderer, and I can proudly say i didn’t get too drunk and ruin things!

I’m hoping the next event will be a BBQ if the summer EVER happens.

Having the space to entertain is what we’ve wanted for a long time; even before Dexter came along, and now he’s here it’s widened our spectrum of engaging with friends and family even further.
Play dates are held at our gaff now and whilst the kids run riot in the playroom, the mums gossip and get pelted with toys.


And when Dex gets older I want to be the mum happy to have the kids over to play; happy to be the one making dinner for lots of rowdy children, and happy to be the one shouting up the stairs ” kids your parents are here to pick you up”. I want to hear a collective groan because they don’t want to go home. I want to have kids running around in the garden and have muddy shoes lined up by the back door whilst I dish out glasses of squash.


I want to be in charge of the fun house.

Now is the chance to start creating fun memories.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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