The OH’s Special Day

Today is the OH’s birthday, his 39th to be precise and the fact that I will never be as old as him always makes me smile.

The aim of this post isn’t to gush about how much I love him, how much I adore him and how much my world turns for him. God no. The aim of this post is to publicly declare my upmost respect for the man that has voluntarily decided to take me as his life partner and share the responsibility of raising a child. And a child that is Dexter.

The OH is a very patient man. Very patient. He’s so laid back and calm I often wish that he’d blow up with rage one day. But he just lets things wash over him. Yes I wind him up, because yes I am bloody annoying. But I guess I’m doing something right because we’re pretty much as happy as you can be.


OK OK I changed my mind. I do want to gush about him because in my eyes he’s fucking awesome. He’s such a caring, easy parent and since I’ve been back at work he takes most of the childcare. Dexter’s dad is my bloody hero (and that is not suppose to sound patronising at all.) The bond my boys have is pretty special, even to the extent of me getting jealous at times.


But what I love most about him is the transparency of him means I know exactly what is going on at all times, a necessity for a control freak like myself.
He’s caring and thoughtful and generous and loving and diplomatic. But the best thing is he’s FINALLY started making me bloody good cups of coffee in the mornings.


I love you Lee, you lucky bugger.

Happy birthday


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