Boob Walk

The Moonwalk 2013 is now less than a month away.


For those that don’t know the Moonwalk is a marathon in London organized by a charity called Walk the Walk. Walk the Walk came about 16 years ago when a group of 13 women completed the New York Marathon in just their bras to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. This was supposed to be a one-off event but now, years later over £83 million has been raised by amazing women completing every year in Walk the Walk events all over the world.

This will be my 4th Moonwalk and definitely my most challenging. My fitness levels are nowhere near what they used to be and I’m definitely carrying a little more “junk in the truck” since having Dexter. I’ve decided to compete this year in honour of my Mother-in-law who sadly lost her battle with secondary breast cancer in February 2012 so the journey round will be an emotional one. I’ve also decided to walk on my own so will need to find the strength along the way to push myself and find the motivation to keep on going.

I’m behind with my training this year. Partly due to the crap, everlasting winter and partly due to being a knackered full-time working mum to an excitable toddler. I’m annoyed with myself for falling behind and worried that I’ve ruined my chances of finishing the race. It’s a tough race, both physically and mentally. Its 26.2 miles speed walking and this is through the night. You know when I should be sleeping and dreaming of McFly? Plus I’ll still be teaching drama to children all day on the Saturday before travelling into London that evening to arrive at Battersea Power Station by 10pm. I know I’m a hero; or just really, really need the money!

And then there is the bra, the one that I’m yet to decorate because sewing is not my forte. What I’d really like is for someone to help me with this….HINT HINT….. but I guess I should just get cracking on this myself. The theme this year is Space. I was thinking of wearing one of my old nursing bra as there is definitely a lot of space in those now (teeny tiny boobies), but I don’t think I’m that brave. I guess I’ll go down the silver and black root with some stars and glitter. Or maybe try and find some alien faces and pop those on the nipple area? My post baby belly won’t be on show either. I’ve become shy in my old age and quite conscious of my wobbly bits. I was thinking of wearing my old Breast Vest to cover up the jelly belly and keep warm. The bottom half is sorted with cropped leggings, blister socks and ugly (but comfy) trainers. My iPod will be fully charged and the iPhone will be snapping away and I plan to Instagram on my way round.

Before I end this post I’d like to send you all a plea. Please sponsor me to walk the Moonwalk. Please donate anything you can. In previous years I’ve raised lots, this year the amount I set myself was £500 and so far I’ve raised £148.00. I am so very grateful to everyone that has sponsored me so far but it’s just not enough. I’d love to reach my target; blow the bugger apart, but in actual fact I’d love to raise more than I have done so far. Even just 10p per mile would a fabulous amount. I promise to personally thank everyone that sponsors me in my own special way. 

I shall leave the rest up to you.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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