Events of late have made me feel old.

Little triggers have made me step back and look at myself and wonder how quickly time has crept up on me and taken over.

I’m 32. Not ancient in my eyes but pre-historic in the eyes of the children I teach.

I’ve compiled 10 reasons why I think I’m very quickly turning into my mother.

1. I listen to Radio 2. Why? Because I can sing along to the music and it’s less “thumpy” than Radio 1.

2. A normal Saturday night now involves me going to bed earlier than any other night of the week.

3. I own a composter.

4. I walked past Clarke’s the other day and saw a pair of shoes in the window that I liked.

5. I spent more money on plants for the garden last month than I did on clothes/shoes/handbags over the past 3 months.

6. My ideal night out would be spent having dinner with my friends, avoiding loud bars and overpriced drinks.

7. I attempted to find a new outfit from Topshop recently and ended up leaving in a huff at how small every garment seems to be.

8. I class coffee as one of my 5-a-day.

9. Instead of buying Heat magazine, I now buy Ideal Home.

10. I’m considering hosting a Tupperware party as I’m convinced I don’t own enough.

I’m pretty sure there are more but my brain is like a bloody sieve. Sigh.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out



2 thoughts on “Ancient

  1. Love it, you and me both! I think I can relate to all of those that made it onto your top 10. Hubby read a list of 50 reasons to know you’re growing old from a blog the other day and we related to nearly all of those too…. *sigh*

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