I’ve got my reasons

I’ve just returned from a break from Facebook.

I was away for almost a month and it was nice and relaxing however I felt like the social leper that’s never invited to parties.

I gave myself a break because I was sick of racist, ignorant comments on my timeline following the Woolwich attack. I was sick of people re-posting pictures of poorly animals. But most of all I was sick of boring bastards posting attention seeking posts.

The OH isn’t on FB, he’s only just joined Instagram. He threw a whole barrage of questions at me today that I couldn’t answer because my FB account was closed. I feel a bit too much out of the loop so decided that re-activating my account would be cheaper than getting in touch with everyone individually. Plus we miss what our Dutch/Greek/American/Australian buddies are all up to.

So the account is open once again and taking full advantage of a night in on my own to cull everyone who isn’t an actual friend.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


3 thoughts on “I’ve got my reasons

  1. Good idea Lindsey. Like you I get fed up with the racist & ignorant comments, along with pictures of poorly animals and children. I also get fed up with “causes” and games!! However I am as yet to take the plunge and give myself a break…!

  2. I didn’t think I’d seen you in a while! I try to wean myself off FB too, try and leave it alone a few days here and there, but it becomes so addictive.
    I get where you’re coming from, but its hard to get a balance – the point of Facebook is that its an outlet for sharing and communicating with people. Unfortunately that sometimes means reading/seeing things you may not necessarily agree with yourself, but then that’s where blocking feeds and the free choice of who you’re friends with is all yours.
    I think the trick is making FB work for you and enjoying it while its free!

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