I walked far, in my bra

This is attempt no. 14 to write this post.

12 were scrapped because I find it excruciating to write good things about myself and 1 because my bloody WordPress app crashed.

Ok. Here’s where we’re at…

On Saturday 11th May 2013 I walked 26.2 miles, around London, in my bra, at midnight. Crickey.

And you know what? *bum clenches* I’m AWESOME for doing it.

Is it a challenge to attempt something you’ve already completed? Hell yeah!!!
In January I was 3 stone heavier than the last time I completed a marathon. I was worried about carrying the extra weight, putting pressure on my knees and hips. I think I might have worried myself a bit thinner as I’ve lost a fantastic 30lbs since January. *pats self on head*.


I had many reasons to complete the Moonwalk but my main was to raise money towards breast cancer charities. And boy did I raise some….over £1000 in fact….thank you to EVERYONE who sponsored me. Nagging pays off. *high fives all round*.

I almost almost didn’t even attempt the event. I had a major wobble only 3 weeks before the event. I freaked out about hips breaking/knees snapping/legs falling off. Well that was a waste of thoughts as I completed it on 2 legs and even knocked 2 HOURS off my PB. Now that is something I’m unbelievably proud of.



So this year I’ve decided to challenge myself. A lot. I’m 32 and the mother to a toddler, my life is only just starting.

My degree starts in September, I’m hoping to start volunteering locally soon and I’m (so very very slowly) teaching myself how to play the acoustic guitar.

So enough about me telling you how great I am. Tell me about your achievements….

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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