Growing Up Isn’t Easy

Being an adult sometimes sucks.

I wish I could spend an entire week going about my normal life but with all the mannerisms of a toddler.

I wish I could walk away from everyone who bores me, or just put my hand over their mouth to shush them.

I wish I could hide under the duvet and cry my eyes out in the morning when it’s time to get up (actually I do believe this already happens).

I wish I could display my emotions more clearly. i.e. disgruntled = screw up face and say no. happy = clap hands together and say yes.

I wish I could create a mass of mess and just have someone clean it all up after me.

I wish I could fake cry, fling myself on the floor and throw an epic tantrum every time I’m asked to do something that is expected of me, even though I do it every single day.

I wish I could hug and kiss everyone who I liked. Even at work.

But most of all I wish I could block out all the shit and politics of day to day life and just focus on the stuff that makes me clap my hands.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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