A Letter To My Boy

Oh DKD do you have any idea how much you brighten my life? How much you make me smile so broadly I think my cheeks will split? How you make coming home from work that extra bit special?

It’s your cheeky face, your grubby little hands, your dimply bum, your chunky thighs and your long limbs that make me want to scoop you up into a tight cuddle and never let you go.


It’s your quirky ways, your belly laugh, your crocodile tears, your conversational grunts, your sense of humour and not forgetting your amazing talent for making animal noises; that makes me know you’ll be ok in life.


I know you prefer Dad, that’s ok. I’m the rule maker and you both, the breakers. Playing with him is fun, I can see that; just don’t forget to give me an extra kiss at night to make up for it.


I watch you with others and my heart fills with love for you. I watch you making new friends, learning from others and sharing your toys. I watch you grow in confidence every day.

You’ll be 2 soon. Now you’ve already shown signs of those anticipated tantrums and I’m hoping that phase will soon pass, be laid back like your Dad and not a stress head like me.

I am so proud you call me “MAM”.

I will love you forever.

Mum x


Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out


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