The K-D’s Visit Kos

Whilst most families are heading away on their summer holidays about now, the K-D’s are still reminiscing about theirs.

We went to Kos at the beginning of July, just before the schools finished. And just before it got silly hot.

Kos is familiar to both of us. The OH lived and worked there for a few years and a few years back he treated us both to a holiday there.

I love Greece. I love the Greek hospitality, I love the weather and I love the people.

We gorged on halloumi, kleftiko, tzatziki and other long words. We drunk beer and local wine and eat mountains of ice cream.

Dex literally shook with excitement every time he saw the swimming pool and I did the same when I connected to the free wifi in the lobby.

The Kappas family treated us as their own and our stay at the Poseidon Kos was as fun as it always is.

So hands up who wants to pay for us to go again in September….

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out






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